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The linking bridge in thermoplastic raw material and polymers

Purple Mask Plastics, a divsion of Company Purple Mask, located in Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland is the partner of raw material and polymer  producers, polymer compounders and polymer endusers .


Paying precise attention to the different requests of suppliers and customers with qualified and closed market proximity, with deep technical  knowldege of  the different polymers and their applications, as well as of the  international commercial and logistic procedures, Purple Mask Plastics offers many valuable, mutual and neutral services to their business partners.

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Secondary raw materials

The products traded by Purple Mask, beeing also secondary raw material used in the compounding industry, are a direct support of the circular economy and clearly contribute to a reduction of environmental pollution and global warming.


Purple Mask, does not just buy and sell a polymer, but offers as well commercial and technical support as a reliable commercial partner.

The bridge, always has had  the function of associating two  different poles, although  keeping them  same time separate and in respect of the different identity of each. The bridge herself, must be neutral, solid , strong and open. This the role, that Purple Mask Plastics wishes to offer to the market.

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